i. Obviously as a clear message to the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo of relationship gone sour and/or stale, President Muhammadu Buhari signed 4 November 2019 in London United Kingdom, a bill that amended the Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract with then Chief of Staff Abba Kyari in attendance . It is to be noted that then Chief of Staff Abba Kyari flew to London with the document prior to that date of signing by Buhari.

The technical points to be noted here is the fact that the signing of the Contract document in London by Buhari is flawed and challengeable in law. This is because Buhari’s Presidential office known to the law is Aso Rock Abuja and not at all anywhere in London. Although it could be agued that Nigeria has a Diplomatic House in London which cannot in anyway assail as a replacement for Abuja Presidential Seat of power.

ii. President Muhammadu Buhari remained abroad on a 20-day visit that took him first to the Saudi-Africa summit and then to the United Kingdom where he was until November 17 2019 however as required by the Constitution without handing over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo It was unlawful and illegal for the seat of power to have been left in vacuum and unoccupied when Buhari was out of office to London.

iii. It was also illegal and unconstitutional for President Buhari to have August 20 2019 instructed that “those wishing to see him including his Ministers must go through his Chief of Staff” unfortunately forgetting that the Chief of Staff office is alien to the 1999 as amended Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Now with the erudite and of International repute Diplomat Ibrahim Agboola Gambari sworn in as new Chief of Staff in replacement of late Abba Kyari, will the modus operadi remain the same i.e. all wishing to have anything to do with President Buhari must first see Agboola Gambari ?

iv. Failure to take prompt, responsible, responsive and preemptive action to put at bay the threat of Corona-Virus making unquantifiable damages here in Nigeria, immediately March 21 2020 the Italian index case was loudly reported in the Media entering Lagos Nigeria. This bearing in mind that the news of the pandemic was much in the global news as early as December 2019.

v. Failure to use his good offices to cause to be examined information I had passed to him and through his offices to him well and wildly published in the National Media information on “CORONAVIRUS, MALARIA SYMPTOMATIC RELATIVITY WORTH EXAMINING FOR OUR RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES, BENEFITS ” Unfortunately he was reported looking and searching round the world for product information readily available at home.`

Dr. Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch)
Owa’ Tapa of Itapa Ijesa land,
Former Presidential Candidate National Action Council (NAC)

Barrister Dr. Allen Onyema,
Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer,
Air Peace Airline,
25 Sobo Arobiosu Street,
GRA Ikeja Lago.


Informed by your beyond the ordinary magnanimity spreading your AIR PEACE AIRLINE long span wings of love to bring back home to safety free of charge hundreds of fellow Nigerians from South Africa Xenophobic hopelessness and lives threatening disasters ; Please be hereby informed of our sense of thanks and gratitude nominating you as our ‘Nigeria’s Man of the year 2019’ and as well conferring on you an Aladura International award of “GRAND COMMANDER ORDER OF ALADURA (GCOA)”.

Your official decoration the Almighty God in Christ Jesus willing will be formally done about January 25 2020    

On behalf of my humble self and entire millions of Aladura Christians all over the world this is hereby saying Congratulations Sir!

 His Divine Grace Aladura Patriarch Dr. Olapade Agoro

The reign of visionless rulers

At the tail end of the Summer of 2018, Nigerians of Edo State extraction had a conference in the city of Turin, Italy’s northern uplands where major resolutions were adopted to regenerate our state from the visionless rule of the All Progressives Congress.

Part of the resolutions by our team of competent technocrats is to revolutionise agriculture by developing agriculture and the agricultural sub-sector by setting up state-owned food farms across the three senatorial districts to generate revenue.

We reminded the attendees from across the EU that if Holland a country in northwest Europe with a comparatively small landmass could do so and rake in €92 billion euros from the export of agricultural produce Edo State with a much bigger landmass could do much more seeing that €92 billion euros is what Nigeria a country with over 200 million population earns in three years.

I had this posted in my fan page “Iyoha John Darlington for Edo State Governor” where the incumbent Governor Obaseki and his Deputy, Philip Shuiabu had requested to join which I approved at the period under review.

Today August 4th, I discovered to my greatest surprise our agricultural concept, initiative and development for Edo State had been stolen and implemented by the APC-led administration in Owan division of our state.

My question is where is their ability to think independently and create and implement in the first and second years of their administration?

In my interview with the Vanguard newspapers I gave details of how we intend to implement this concept by ensuring the state-owned food farms are established in the three senatorial districts.

Only today the incumbent administration in the state has planned to extend our agricultural initiative to other parts of the state.

This shows a government totally bereft of workable ideas to regenerate and reposition our state.

As it is, it is very obvious under the existing circumstances that the incumbent administration in the state lacks originality and has absolutely nothing to offer all things considered.

Hence, this obviously sad situation gives rise to a compelling need to identify with our team , the true dynamic agents of change in the forthcoming dispensation.

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria.

In all aspects of life, there can be a billion lie but never a billion truth because there is only one truth.

It therefore behoves you to share in the fight for liberty to effect the desired change.

We have taken leaps backward in our naivety by mounting frustration with official corruption boiling onto the furthermost ends of our land.

More so we have been pauperized and sapped dry by a dozen years of recession, a rampant debt crisis and a bungled response to the yearnings and aspirations of our people.

Today, we feel duty-bound than ever to liberate our people with the truth and would therefore be wrong to label us as radical elements seeking to destabilize society.

Arise and mount the saddle, rein in the fiery chariot gliding on the wheels of liberty across our land.

They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives, alcoholism, witchcraft, indulging in sex, pretending in church, jealousy, fighting and complaining of bad leadership; but, yet refuse to take a decisive action and protest to remove the brigands from position of power.

Let us all accept the fact that the black man is a symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence.To make the matter worse, he can do everything possible to defend his stupidity. Give them money for development and they will fight and create hatred and enmity for themselves. Drill oil wells for them and they will not have peace all the days of their life.
See, for instance, what’s happening in Nigeria (a Country blessed with abundant resources), Southern Sudan, Malawi, DRC just to mention a few.
“This proves to anybody including a stupid fool that Africans do not know what they want. isn’t that plausible”?
“They are like monkeys looking for already ripping banana all over the world!!!.

Therefore that the white man is created to rule the black man, Africans will always have day dreams.
And here is the creature (black man) that lacks foresight but only sees what is near him and still fails to know what to do”
A black man is stupid to the extent that he cannot plan for his life beyond a year. Therefore how can they develop and live longer.

“Corruption in the west (And China) is a big abomination, but in Africa, it’s so huge that it is slowly becoming an acceptable way of life!!!.(Shame, isn’t it?)

They sing and rejoice to their corrupt political leaders.They worship their scandal-ridden religious leaders like their gods. Lest you forget, these so called Africans are praising, dancing and praying for the people that have impoverished them,and who comes to hide their loot here.

Then which fool argues that the black man is not born a beggar, grows a beggar, looks a beggar, falls sick as a beggar and dies a beggar. this has been proven beyond reasoning.
I wonder why even up to now most Africans still go to school by force, and those who are at school are are just drug addicts who don’t know what took them there. This is a pregnant stupidity in Africa. The body of Africans is a very fertile ground for all diseases in the world because they don’t fear even HIV/AIDS.
This leaves me with a question: Are our eyes created the same with those Africans? I hear there are still cultures in Africa that prohibit them from using latrines which is very annoying.

“They cried for independence but have failed to rule themselves”. For sure being African is a very untreatable disease that even prayers are not enough.
They have minerals but they cannot do anything with it. Therefore let us (whites) go to Africa and pick what we can pick and leave what is of no use. Poverty is a disease to the whites, but to the blacks it is very normal.

“Look at what is currently going on in Nigeria National Assembly. Legislators amending the constitution to favor themselves at the expense of two (200) million Nigerians. The present administration now have no economic blueprint plan, rather than noise and false propaganda. Characterised with hatred and witch hunt/impoverishment”.
“Majority of these legislators are treasury looters who are intellectually barren but using the ill gotten wealth to oppress the citizens of that great country”.

“What a shame”!
Black people with black sense, and a sick president in London for medical tourism!!!.

The worst tragedy in Africa is that if you dare stand up and speak up for what’s right, you may end up regretting.
“The few wise and open-minded Africans who have tried to educate these fools about civilization have met the worst.They have been pushed hard on the wall, they have been silenced and others have been killed”.
Before I finish, let me tell Africans that before you jump and call me a racist, an anti-blacks or whatever term you may wish to use against me,1st tackle runaway corruption, dreadful terrorism, tribalism, poverty, unemployment, diseases, illiteracy, ignorance, and inequality, that have put your whole continent on the verge of collapse”.
“Hate me or love me, I don’t care.I know this is the plain truth which will never see the light of the day to the cowards that are afraid to be told as it is”.

By- Donald .J. Trump.



Two great rivers namely Niger and Benue traversing  a vast densely wooded space  lies my native land which  empty into the blue waters of the  Atlantic.
I am patriotic to the roots of my hair and so good  it is to be  home after ages of  wandering in the foreign strand.
As the huge metal bird on which I flew  took its final descent, the greenery of my native land came into view with its fruitful fields.  I love the noise of laughter and chatter at our five major entry ports particularly the airport of Lagos after the sullen silence of distant airports.
Do I really love Edo State and  Nigeria by extension ? Have I contributed my own little quota to make her great?
I have often sat back on my armchair and settled back to thinking with these questions sailing across my mind.
Many of our heroes past have laboured, practised self-denial to transform Edo State; Prof. Alli, upon whom peace be, went the way of all flesh with only a bungalow of two flats to his name in his Emaudo home at Ekpoma.
We once had an Alli, a selfless patriot. Whence comes such another!
However,  this remains my bounden duty. I have in deed risen from a firm resolve to identify with true progressives not with those who wantonly steal from the public till  destroying dreams, vision,  lives and property.
These are civilization’s worst enemies, if you ask me.
In my countless adventures around the world, I take pride in being Edo-Nigerian.
I was a child during the civil war that was to tear  Nigeria to shreds. I loathe acts capable of disintegrating our nation, militancy is number one.
Politics of hate and bitterness has become our way of life, but this ought not to be after all!
This prepares the stage for none other than anarchy as the duo of  Adams and  Obaseki flex muscles almost to a breaking point.
Certain people must be tamed and  called to order so as to preserve the legacy bequeathed to us by our founding fathers.
I love Edo State, a state that breeds great intellect! If you love Edo State, join forces with us to effect this change of which we urgently stand in need.
Iyoha John Darlington

Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN).

One of Yoruba adage says that “ Ota eni ki pa odu oya” literarily meaning that ‘ones enemy can never be acknowledged with doing any eye catching extra goodness.

This logically summarizes President Muhammadu Buhari’s unnecessary and illogical heat generation word misapplication terming former President Olusegun Obasanjo as “as unpatriotic” because of recent open letter same wrote to him on pervading situations of alarming and embarrassing insecurity in the nation. To be frank it becomes fool hardy for anybody to term or relate the former Head of State and two terms ex President Olusegun Obasanjo as “unpatriotic”

Taking into serious consideration of the fact that primary issues raised in Olusegun Obasanjo’s public letter to President Buhari was not on his personal issue cause serving matters but only on those threatening the security issues pertinent to Nigeria, it becomes apt to mention that the letter in issue written by former President Obasanjo was in good taste patriotically serving the best security interest of the nation. No doubting the fact that Obasanjo forced the after incident issue explanation offered by President Buhari where he assured Nigerians that security topped his list of priorities, noting that offenders took advantage of the focus on the North East to commit crimes in other parts of the country.

It became apposite to mention that without Obasanjo’s letter there was no way the nation would have known Buhari’s plan on the threatening security situations before us and for which Buhari had to say and conclude reasonably that “If you cannot secure a country or institution, you cannot manage it”

Judging from the fact of painful concerns raised by almost all groups and bodies ranging from Afenifere the Pan Yoruba socio cultural group, Ohananse Ndigbo the Ndigo socio cultural group et al over the wicked and dastardly manner late Mrs. Funke Olakunrin the daughter of our beloved papa Reuben Fasoranti was gunned down penultimate Friday on Kajola – Ore road, only a terribly sick mind would want to castigate Olusegun Obasanjo for writing the letter to President Muhammadu Buhari expressing his four points fear and worries i.e. i. “Abandoning Nigeria into the hands of criminals who are being suspected rightly or wrongly as Fulanis and terrorists of Boko Haram type”.
ii. “Spontaneous or planned reprisal attacks against Fulani which may inadvertently and advertently mushroom into pogrom of Rwanda type genocide that we did not believe could happen and yet it happened”.
iii. “Similar attacks against any other tribe or ethnic group anywhere in the country initiated by rumours, fears, intimidation and revenge capable of leading to pogrom”
iv. “ Violent uprising beginning from one section of the country and spreading quickly to other areas and leading to dismemberment of the country”

From the human cause benefitting research materials Olusegun Obasanjo painfully put to the advantage of this nation, one can only suggest the brains for thorough examination of all those opposed to the letter written by him. Rather we all with good reason mentality and intentions should doff our hats to Obj in one voice and language saying thank you Sir.

Lastly it becomes reasonable for one to agree with the National Assembly on the need for us to hold as soon as possible National Security Conference an idea I had sometime suggested on the page of this national news paper.

And it behooves appropriately to disagree with the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo that there is no common sense the nation deploy to our roads Nigerian Soldiers for security monitoring purposes. To do this effectively we will have to employ, train and deploy more that two to three millions soldering heads that will be far beyond our thinking, working capability and mentality.

Dr. Olapade Agoro (Owa’Tapa of Itapa Ijesa)

Tempers rose in the Senate on Wednesday as the murder of a Nigeria, Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu, in South Africa, was debated.

The upper chamber warned that Nigeria should not be taken for granted by South Africans.

It asked the South African Government to take steps to stop the killing of Nigerians resident in the country.

The lawmakers noted that the increasing killing of Nigerians carrying out legitimate businesses in South Africans implied that the role Nigerian played in the liberation of the country during apartheid is unappreciated by the people of the country.

Following the anger in the chamber over the death of Chukwu, resolved to issue a travel alert to Nigerians traveling to South Africa to be security conscious.

Nigerians going to South Africa were also advised to ensure that their safety is not under threat.

The resolutions followed the adoption of a motion on the “Death of Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu in South Africa,” sponsored by the Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe.

Abaribe in his lead debate noted that late Ndubuisi-Chukwu was in South Africa as a delegate of the Federal Government to attend a programme.

He said that Ndubuisi-Chukwu was allegedly killed by yet-to-be-identified suspects in her hotel room.

Abaribe said: “She went to South Africa to attend the conference of the African Insurance Organisation (A10) and initially was suspected to have died of cardiac arrest.

“The insinuation was proved wrong, following autopsy report released on June 20, 2019, by South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs, which indicated in a Death Certificate that the death was unnatural and suspected to be murder due to strangulation.

“The suspicion that she could have been murdered was further confirmed in a separate document issued by South Africa’s Department of Health on June 27, 2019, where it corroborated the autopsy report and revealed that she was strangled.

“This is not the First time Nigerians have died in suspicious and curious circumstances In South Africa.”

The Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, in his contribution gave further insights into how Nigerians are sometimes trialled to their hotels and either killed or robbed in South Africa.

Kalu insisted that the Federal Government should take measures to stop what he described as the endless killing of Nigerians doing legitimate businesses in the former apartheid country.

Kalu said: “I was in the country and I visited the embassy. I interacted with three former presidents. When they think you have some money, they track you from the airport to the hotel and sometimes kill you.

“The Federal Government needs to do something. The person killed was a Federal Government delegate. The hotel in question must provide the footage for investigation. Everywhere in South Africa, they pursue Nigerians around like common criminals.

“We have businesses there the same way they have businesses here. Three former presidents of South Africa have lived in Lagos. If they have, they should treat us as friends.

“Let us invite their ambassador to Nigeria and our ambassador to South Africa. I don’t know when enough will be better. But enough is enough. This has to stop.”

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, also said that “enough is enough.”

Lawan said that the Eight Senate discussed the same issue extensively following the killing of a Nigerian in the country.

The Senate President noted that as a responsible country, Nigeria cannot fold its hands and watch its citizens killed in other nations of the world.

For Lawan, the trend must stop.

He said: “This issue was discussed in the Eight Senate. We sent a delegation to the South African Parliament then. South African businesses flourish more here.

“South African people are safe here. There is no need to take the lives of Nigerians. We deserve some respect. Our relationship must be respected. We are a responsible country.

“We should not be taken for granted. We have provided leadership in Africa. We can’t take these killings anymore. We need to support the Executive to stop these killings.”

The Senate resolved to urge the Federal Government not to relent in its efforts to unravel the circumstances of Ndubuisi-Chukwu unfortunate demise

It urged the South African Government to carry out investigation into the death of Ndubuisi-Chukwu and other Nigerian citizens in such suspicious circumstances in South Africa.

It commended the Federal Government of Nigeria for its prompt action in seeking the South African authority’s explanation of the death of Ndubuisi-Chukwu.