To the right thinking minds on obvious reckless and highly irresponsible on going Nigeria mad house situations in particular Edo State it becomes pertinent one query aloud that Edo State electoral hell let loose where is thy sting.

It behooves appropriately one concludes that if the Edo State mad house electoral process type is what democracy is all about the need for a better redefinition of what should suit Nigeria becomes a compelling neccesity Suprissingly how ever will be found in the unusual silence of A President the expected father of the nation playing the otstrich game of wait and see when Nigeria was about being set of fire had the Almighty God not thwarted the Devil,s plan on the life of Adams Oshiomole.

Let it be known however that we have played enough the game of chance with the security situations of our nation.ENOUGH must be enough

Dr OLAPADE AGORO OWA’TAPA OF ITAPA IJESA former Presidential Candidate National Action Council