The US government nonsensical and rough diplomatic language warning issued to the Government of Nigeria to ensure that the over US$308 million allegedly looted to the US by late Gen Sani Abacha Nigeria “is ensured not re-stolen again in Nigeria and with a threat that it will recover it back from Nigeria” must be seen a great and terrible insult not only to the corporate image of Nigeria but to the entire peoples of this country.

Castigating good peoples of Nigeria as artful dodgers and untrustworthy thieves is a challengeable name calling that must be fought vigorously and legally tooth and nails far beyond the shores of Nigeria. Those of us having our good names to protect must see the issues of Abacha alleged looted fund beyond ephemeral political nuisance play game. Whether we like it or not the odium is now rubbing on all of us being called thieves capable re-stealing back again to the US.

What facts are there presentable to the whole universe by the US government that the allegedly recovered Abacha loots were in-fact owned and saved in the Western world covers.

The US and other Western world financiers need come out clean with  indisputable facts of details of those who saved the 5 US$ billions for Gen. Sani Abacha in the covers of western banks. This considering the fact that Gen Abacha throughout the 5 years he was Head of State never for once travelled out of the shores of this nation to open the just too many foreign banks accounts? Are those bank accounts really opened by the late Sani Abacha or some other people in his name? For a nation as big and with global respect name carriage like Nigeria the machinery to unearth the truth about the ownership of those accounts  must have been put in place long time ago if only in the in the interest of probity.

Allowing the fish swallowing the hook line and sinker with reckless abandon without considering hidden facts tells the whole world what a reckless kind of people we are refusing the learn from offered opportunities.

Although Gen Sani Abacha died unceremoniously and under cloudy circumstances not every criminal financial matters committed by those others still alive should be allowed named after him without some questions being raised.  One sees the issue of Abacha alleged recovery loot as a jingoism music brought out to play to entertain those enemies of truth having things to hide as cover up of their evils to the Almighty God and humanity.

The  US government owe it a must duty to apologize for evil name calling of we Nigerians because of disputable recovery of US$5 Abacha looted fund. This is hereby giving the US government fourteen days NOTICE WARNING to apologize publicly in at least three Nigeria


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newspapers for evil name calling us  thieves thus “is ensured not re-stolen again in Nigeria and with a threat that it will recover it back from Nigeria”


Dr Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch)                                                                                                                Owa’Tapa of Itapa Ijesaland                                                                                                                        Former Presidential Candidate National Action Council (NAC) Olapade Agoro Estate, Behind Govt College Apata Ibadan