Communiqué of Conference of ALADURA CHRISTIAN COMMUNION

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Communiqué of  Conference of   ALADURA  CHRISTIAN COMMUNION  drawn Saturday 7 September 2019                                                         and held at Aladura Villa Apata Ibadan

Primates, Spiritual Leaders of Aladura Christian Churches from all across Nigeria met Saturday 7 September 2019 under the Chairmanship of His Divine Grace Aladura Patriarch Dr. Olapade Agoro and the Conference Secretary Primate Omoyele Adu COM to deliberate on the pressing and challenging security situates of Nigeria and with extension to the large space of Africa.        

Prominent among the dignitaries that attended the Conference are: His Eminence Baba Aladura Gabriel Asubiojo of De Vine Cherubim & Cherubim Church world wide Saki Oyo State, Primate Omoyele Adu, Special Apostle Olowoyo Merciful Christ Church Omuo Ekiti, Rev Mother Awolesi Ikorodu Lagos,  Special Apostle Dada Mowe Ogun State, The Press et al

                                 DRAWN  RESOLUTIONS

1.     The Conference of Aladura Christian Communion unanimously is in support of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts and as well sympathize with the government on the various problems she is currently facing

2.     The Conference of Aladura Christian Communion will want the Federal Government to find lasting solutions to the menace of Boko Haram and as well curb societal evils of Kidnapping and other security challenges.

3.     The Conference of Aladura Christian Communion is of the strong opinion that Unity and Oneness should exist among the nation’s political leaders, though we are in total support of strong opposition that must not be for division of the country.          

4.     That Aladura Christian Communion is opposed to the Flooding of money in the electoral system and elective positions; That the floating money in the electoral system should be drastically reduced and ensured channeled to the economy and development of the nation  

5.     The Aladura Christian Communion is of the strong opinion that the mirage of problems in the Country are traceable and in fact emanate from Religious bodies and in need of serious addressing.

6.     The Conference of Aladura Christian Communion is seriously feeling concerned with the ugly situations of Nigerians in South Africa and call for caution; So that the relationship between Africans in Africa be not allowed to dismember us

Signed Aladura Patriarch Dr Olapade Agoro for Conference of Aladura Christian Communion 

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