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It becomes apt to say that common sense dictates that there must be an end to a nonsense. That  the ugly type of hell let loose in security situations currently bedeviling the nation which forced the respected Emir of President Muhammadu Buhari’s home State of Daura Katsina State Dr Umar Farouk  to have of very recent publicly declared that “the multifaceted security threats facing the nation is worse than civil war” correctly say it all beyond doubts and questioning. Or how else can I classify the blood drinking Dracula orgy horror situations of reported 62 Christians killed by FULANI Terrorists in Kaduna State within Just one week of July 25 ending this in addition to previous over 300 lives of helplessnessly  Christians mulled down and houses raised off.

It becomes highly embarrassing that at a time helpless Christians in Southern Kaduna were getting mowed down in hundreds and without President Buhari showing deep concern he had courage to take flight to Mali to midwife peace at expensive cost to we Nigerians.

In a rather dilemma of a dastardly political inconsideration the Federal government at about same time the nation’s roof was on fire was celebrating 601 so stupidly termed “repentants” Boko Haram terrorists and without an inkling for thousands of lives those evils had wasted, the lives of the nation’s soldiers wickedly terminated and young women rendered widows.

It becomes available a reasoning time for the nationhood of Nigeria that this period that the world is preoccupied with concentrating on the horrors of Crime Against Humanity in Darfur Sudan another one is been allowed to be repeated in Southern Kaduna Nigeria. It behooves to say that unless those with blood of commonsense and respect for humanity come quickly now to belt down the ravaging wild dogs the lives of the innocent would be lost without recouping remedies. Terrorism take it or not has taken over Nigeria.


  • Dr. Olapade Agoro Aladura Patriarch OWA’TAPA Of ITAPA IJESA LAND former Presidential Candidate National Action Council
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