I had drunken sex with flirty lad I like then two days later he kissed my best friend

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I HAD a night of passion with a guy I’d fancied for ages – but two days later he was snogging my best friend in front of me.

I’m a 17-year-old girl and I’d liked this lad for ages. He’s 19 and hangs around in our group.

We met when we’d gone bowling with mates one night and both got strikes for our team.

He gave me a high-five and bought me a drink.

Then we sat together and he was flirting like mad with me.

I knew my best friend, who’s also 17, fancies him but she wasn’t there, so I didn’t care.

He came in for a drink and I gave him a beer. He said, “You’re really cute, you know?” I just laughed but he pushed my hair behind my ear and leaned in for a kiss.

It was great. He then said, “Aren’t you going to show me your room?”

I took him upstairs and he kissed me more, then we had sex.

We went out as a group last weekend and the guy I’d had sex with was there.

He winked at me but my mate didn’t see. She hung on his every word even though he was being rude and horrible to her.

We went to a house party later and there were just four of us left – me and the guy I like, my friend and another boy.

The guy I’d had sex with didn’t acknowledge me then, so I ended up kissing his mate and he kissed my best friend. It irritated me and I felt embarrassed for them.

I thought he was leading her on because I know he doesn’t really like her.

My best mate now believes they’ve got something good going on.

She doesn’t know I’ve had sex with him already but I feel mugged off.

ADVICE: This guy is not ready for any serious relationship with either of you.

You may feel you have some rights over him because you’ve had sex with him.

But since you didn’t build up the relationship before having sex, then he thought a casual fling was OK for you too.

He’s nasty to your friend and yet he can kiss her. He had sex with you and kissed her in front of you.

He may see himself as a great lover but he’s not a kind person.

He plays with girls who fall for his charms then, when he’s had enough, discards you like litter. The more you both fawn over him, the more you are boosting his ego.

You are worth more than this. Ignore him and tell your friend she should give him a wide berth too.

Spend time with other friends and before long you will find somebody who wants the sort of relationship you do and who will commit to you.

My e-leaflet called Learning About Relationships explains more about developing a relationship before falling into bed together.


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