Ihedioha’s grounds for review of supreme court judgment

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Emeka Ihedioha has filed an application at the supreme court for the review of the judgment that sacked him as Imo state governor.

The apex court declared Hope Uzodinma, who came fourth in the Imo governorship election of 2019, as the duly elected governor of the state in January.

Ihedioha had described the judgment as a subversion of the will of Imo people.

Last Wednesday, he filed the application, which he premised on eight grounds, for the review of the verdict.

One of the grounds is that the apex court did not take into cognisance the appeal court judgment which dismissed Uzodinma’s appeal.

The former governor is seeking one relief which is — his return as the duly elected governor of Imo.

His application, though not unprecedented, is the last resort of which outcome is final.

But the supreme court is not known to reverse itself on matters it had already dispensed with.

You can download Ihedioha’s case for review here.

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