I’m terrified I’ll squirt fluid during sex as my fella says it’s disgusting

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I squirted fluid when we had sex the other night and I am now scared in case it happens again.

I am 20 and my boyfriend is 21. We have a good relationship and have just started to have sex. I had warned my boyfriend this might happen as it’s not the first time. I don’t have any control over it but I now feel really embarrassed.

My boyfriend’s reaction was shock and surprise because he thought I had wet myself. I tried to explain that was not the case but I am not sure he believes me. I am terrified he thinks I am disgusting, and it is going to ruin our relationship.

ADVICE: It is called female ejaculation and is a normal experience for some women.

Some men are very turned on by it.

It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about but explain to your boyfriend that this is quite different from passing urine, and it only happens during arousing, satisfying sex.

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