Iranian General: American Rapper, Cardi B Blasts Trump, To File For Nigerian Citizenship

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American rapper and songwriter, Cardi B, has expressed dissatisfaction with the killing of a top Iranian general , Qasem Soleimani , by the United States government .

The songwriter made this known in a tweet , where she criticised the US government .

She also revealed her plans to apply for Nigerian citizenship .

It will be recalled that Soleimani was on Friday morning killed in an air attack in Baghdad.

The US government had claimed responsibility for the attack , saying that Soleimani was ‘terminated ’ because he was on the verge of attacking its diplomats.

However, Iran vowed to launch a “ harsh revenge ” over Soleimani ’s ‘ termination ’. Also, hundreds of Iranians have taken to the streets to protest the top general’ s death .

Apart from Iran, other countries , including the United Nations have condemned the attack and declared support for Iran, except Israel.

Reacting, Cardi B tweeted , “ Specially being from New York . It ’s sad this man ( Trump ) is putting Americans’ lives in danger.  Dumbest move Trump did till date ( sic ) … I’ m filing for my Nigerian citizenship . ”

“ Picking my tribe , ” she added after about an hour later .

The American star recently visited Nigeria for a live performance .

Cardi B , who arrived in Nigeria on December 5 , also visited a motherless home in Lagos to donate gifts .

She also visited to Ghana before returning to the US.

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