My girlfriend says she’ll have sex with her ex if she sees him and I’m devastated

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IT plays on my mind that my girlfriend is friends with a lot of guys who have either had sex with her or want to.

I trust her so it isn’t an issue but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m 26 and she is 24. I feel she puts herself in vulnerable positions with guys because she is too trusting.

We’re not living together and during lockdown she’s been chatting to lots of guys.

She says she loves me but admits that if she saw a particular guy, who showed her everything to do with sex, she’d sleep with him.

She says he knows what to say to get her to do what he wants.

I feel that, as she’s in a relationship with me, she should have the confidence to refuse to do anything with him – and the others. I think I’m right to be annoyed.

ADVICE: You clearly don’t trust her, and maybe with good reason.

She could just be winding you up talking this way about the other guy, but that’s cruelly manipulative in present circumstances.

Tell her that you’re over if she cheats, and that includes stuff online.

That said, refuse to listen if she talks about the other guys.



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