My Man Must Be Ready For Marathon S*x Bcos I Can’t Marry A 1mins Man & I Like Big D – Olabisi

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One of the rising Yoruba actress, Olabisi Adeyemi, who is among the new movie producers shaking industry has confessed that she likes big dick and only man who can do more than 10 rounds on bed be allowed to have sex with her.

The “My Wife, My Wealth” star, made this public confession during a chat she exclusively had with Gbolahan Adetayo on Sunday at The Place, beside Ikeja Mall, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos.

When we asked her about her views on premarital sex, the Lagos Island based big babe said, “Well, premarital sex is something that should not be supported in our society but it is rather unfortunate that the generation we fall into is addicted to sex at tender age. You won’t be surprised that a 14 years old girl now is a mother. Things are changing every day. We can’t compare the kind of life style our mothers, grandmothers lived in those days to now.

Even if I want a marathon sex, he must be able to give me because I don’t see any reason I should be sleeping around in my marriage when my husband is fire. Obviously I can’t marry a one minute man. i like big dick”, she claimed

A 16 years old girl wants to buy iphone 11, wants to ride a Toyota Venza without having a job at all. Where do you expect such person to see money to maintain her fake big girl life style? Of course she will probably delve into prostitution, looking for a man who is as old as his grandpa to date to enable her meet up. In my own views, it is not proper but we are all guilty of this, because the youth of this generation will give you different definition of sex before they get married”.

Asking her further on her ideal man and when she will walk down the aisle, Olabisi said, “keep your fingers crossed, I will surprise every one soon with my wedding invitation. I don’t want to rush into any marriage that will not last. Marriage is not something you dabble into, if you rush in you rush out.

I am taking my time but mind you the time is not long again. On my ideal man, that should be personal to me because I am the only person who knows what she wants from her man. Sometimes, marriage is not only about money, love is the mother of all. One thing I know for sure is that I can’t double date or cheat my man we are married. And he must not do the same with me. He must be able to satisfy me in everything including on bed.

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