Tik Tok


AFTER my boyfriend had his fun looking at a girl on Tik Tok he came to bed with me.

We are 27 and have a good sex life. He’s always claimed he never watches porn.

When he has time alone, he says he thinks about me to turn him on.

He asked me if I wanted some fun last night so I went upstairs, but he was ages coming up.

He was flushed when he showed up. When I asked, he admitted pleasuring himself.

I asked him what had fired him up and he showed me a skinny girl dancing by a swimming pool, which was on his phone.

ADVICE: Men can compartmentalise and I doubt he watched that girl because of her figure.

The fact he showed you the video suggests he had no idea it would upset you.

The timing makes me think he wanted to take the edge off so you two could enjoy more lasting sex together.

Say that you would rather you two shared any tactics to bolster your sex life.