The 2020 sex trends you need to know about

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YOU are probably familiar with fashion trends influencing your wardrobe – and your sex life is not off limits either.

An expert in bedroom matters has revealed how you can spice up the most intimate aspects of your relationship in 2020, including using CBD oil on your vagina and engaging in “sacred” intercourse.

Dominique Karetsos, from Healthy Pleasure Collective, has revealed that meaningless nookie is so 2019.

This year the sex trends expert told Metro that it’s all about having a “genuine connection” with intercourse becoming a more “scared” act.

She explained: “We want to feel connected not just to our bodies, but to our body, mind and souls.”

Tips for achieving this state include meditation while masturbating, and lots of eye contact during sex itself.

Women will also be encouraged over the next 12 months to make their vagina “happy”.

“We will see more products than ever that don’t interrupt the PH balance of our intimate areas,” predicted Dominnique.

She recommended products such as Fur’s bath drops designed to soothe pubic hair and calming sheet masks for your nether regions, like those stocked by Two Lips.

Hot oils will also be “big business” this year – such as Agent Nateur’s Holi (Sex) Intimate Oil.

There are others created to get you in the mood that are infused with CBD.

The relaxing ingredient can be found in Ohne’s Anti-Teardrops vaginal oil.

And if you want to create the perfect bedroom setting for you and your partner, it’s wise to choose the right bedroom scent.

While some may like Goop’s £57 ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ candle, Dominque noted: “The scent of sandalwood defines the mood, as its powerful aphrodisiac aromatherapy qualities boost libido and stimulate the senses.

“Roses, the eternal symbol of romance and desire are also known to arouse passions. Fragrance reignites passion.”

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