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That a budding high flying star was shot down wickedly and prematurely was one too many and indeed shocking. From the narratives invoking a serious suspicion by one Mrs. Damilola Adegboye  senior sister to Tolulope who was in the same room with her of how the highly courageous young woman was woken from her sleep by a male voice after she had competed a beyond the ordinary day duty to her father land  that    “ A call came into her phone which she picked, but from the way they spoke I knew that the caller must be a senior officer calling here to come to Airforce base. She felt reluctant and I offered to drop her off. One hour later I saw the story online that something serious had happened to her”

Undoubtedly Tolu’s death suggests a sinister motive of premeditated murder premised on hate and jealousy. This commands a through judicial investigation of inquiry by Nigeria Air Force to unravel the misery surrounding the mystery behind how the young lady wickedly met her death, the end result of which will allow her soul to rest in peace. Alas when our budding stars are wickedly murdered under our nostrils, the hope of our future strength gets deemed.

Dr. Olapade Agoro Aladura Patriarch,                                                             

Owa’Tapa of Itapa Ijesa land,                                                                                           

Former Presidential Candidate National Action Council (NAC)

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