Wicked, Enemies of Nigeria -Cause of Naira Exchange Rate Instability

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The truth of it all must be faced squarely that the economic parasites eating raw the nation,s intenstines are those living deep inside the corridor of power. They thrive mainly on what hurts mainly the nation economic existence. The Naira Exchange Rate Instability is to their best of interest and the other end game aim of trading. It behooves to say that the day the Naira Rate becomes relatively a determined on a single non manuoverable rate the economic reliability and sustainability of the nation will bounce up to lateral appreciable level of sustainability and self reliability.

President Buhari must now please in the best interest of the nation note appreciably that the enemies within the economic interest of Nigeria are not only the serving Ministers but State Governors drawing minimum Five hundred million Naira monthly security votes, too many Commissioners serving the 36 States and unwildly National Assembly members in particular Senators each of whom unreasonably draw beyond the limit of global expectations of US two million dollars per year. If the reality of the word of Engineer Babachir Lawal must be realistically followed that although President Buhari means well but those working with him are nothing than self interest serving maggots then the need must sooner the better found by Mr President the strategic means of meeting the primary aim for his living and real intentions of his presidency.

Chasing to the Courts of law day light robbers like Deiziani Alison Madueke and turning the back on other reckless and terrible treasury robbers roaming large with in the corridor of power will tantamount to shooting aimlessly at the bird of prey flying in the dark sky of reality.

  • Dr Olapade Agoro Owa,Tapa of Itapa Ijesa former Presidential Candidate National Action Council NAC.
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